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Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie,
de Biologie et de Physique

mardi 7 juin 2016
[Conférence-Débat] Développement Durable, Gestion des géoressources, Transition énergétique : des enjeux majeurs pour l’avenir

vendredi 20 mai 2016
[Démarches responsables] L’ENSCBP obtient le label Développement durable et Responsabilité sociétale

jeudi 14 avril 2016
[Démarches responsables] Un élève de l’ENSCBP en mission humanitaire au Sénégal

lundi 11 avril 2016
[Développement durable] Création du prix Jean-Marc Gey grâce au partenariat ADQSE / ENSCBP-Bordeaux INP

mardi 5 avril 2016
[Anciens] De beaux résultats pour Marc Noesmoen lors de la Solo Concarneau

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// Prospective international students

Foreign students admission ‘for French degree’
- You would like to graduate from CBP, firstly consult our choice of programs.
- Every year we recruit foreign students on the basis of their qualifications
- For year 1 : students with 3-year university degree
- for year 2 : students with a 4-year university degree

How to apply :

1- Foreign students living in countries with a CampusFrance system Please apply online at www.campusfrance.org. Dates : 01/01/2010 au 15/06/2010 Your local CEF will process your application and you will then be required to do an interview detailing your study objectives. Your application will then be processed electronically between CEF and the potential host institutions and the consulates to obtain your visa.

2- Foreign students living in France in a country with no CEF program Please download the application form between mid-january and mid-june

3- N+I network : The ENSCBP also recruits students through the N+I network The n+I network allows 70 French graduate schools to recruit the best foreign students having at least a 3-year University degree. The objective is to train future graduates aspiring to international careers. After arriving in France all the students are offered a complete integration program including :
- Cultural integration
- Ling integration with linguistic classes
- A series of lectures introducing them to French academic methodology
- Assistance to find work placements

Exchange students (Erasmus….)

CBP accepts exchange students for 1 semester or a complete academic year (for an academic exchange or a training period in a research lab) coming from partner institutions through Eramus programs and CREPUQ.

Before applying :
- Check with your university to see if there is a bilateral agreement with us.
- obtain authorization for the exchange from your institution your university
- complete the enrollment form (exchange programs)
- for academic exchanges select your courses ; for training periods, select a work placement in the given list or choose a lab

Applications to be sent to the International Relations Office before
- For the academic year or semester 1 (sept to jan : June 1st)
- For the second semester (jan to June : oct 30th)
- For a training period request 3 months before starting date


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